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We are designed for the rule-breakers, innovators and game-changers.

Our purpose is to help turn the vision of our clients into reality by using human-centred design, effective collaboration and robust systems to help their customers live happier and fulfilling lives.

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How we work

Brands have the potential to change the world, and that comes with a responsibility. To generate innovative solutions for a sustainable future that keeps people at the core of whatever they do.


While we are constantly learning, iterating and working our way through complex problems. These operating principles or values allow us to navigate the design challenges we face in our day-to-day activities.


Daily Standup

Wherever we may be, we seek to gather together at the start of every workday to make decisions, gather updates and create next steps. It increases our team productivity, fewer distractions during the day, enhanced team collaboration and trust, higher flexibility in decisions, increased transparency, and self-accountability.


Weekly Review

The weekly review as popularized by Tiago Forte is our operating system, and helps converge the dots we collect throughout the week into our knowledge management system, such that it creates compounding growth in all spheres of our business.


Feedback and Iteration

We understand that the number of executions drive the learning curve. We draw on the intelligence and wisdom of our network whenever possible by iterating quickly and taking feedback as often as possible.


Rapid Prototyping

No matter what we’re designing, prototyping is an essential stage of the design process. Building a prototype is a quick and risk-averse way to get ideas into the hands of the people we are designing for, and to iterate efficiently.


Systems First

We understand that it is systems that run our business. Our job isn’t just to do the work; it is to build, maintain, and improve systems that do the work. We build systems, procedures, templates, and checklists that document what we know and ensure it is executed reliably over time.


Radical Transparency

Being radically truthful and transparent with each other, as well as our clients ensures that important issues are apparent instead of hidden. It also enforces good behavior and good thinking, because when we have to explain ourselves, everyone can openly assess the merits of our logic.


Seek Leverage

A leveraged worker can out-produce a non-leveraged worker by a factor of one thousand or ten thousand. With a leveraged worker, judgment is far more important than how much time they put in or how hard they work.


Capture Everything

We understand that our ideas have value, but tend to arrive when we least expect them. By making it a habit to “capture” and save them, we can allow them to live forever in a trusted system that reflects our company's goals and interests. This also leaves our mind free and clear to come up with even more ideas.


Touch Light, Touch Finish

We believe every project is either in divergence or in convergence. When divergent, we touch the project lightly by looking at it from various perspectives, information sources, and conversations. When convergent, we are really focused on execution and we can explore any hunches through experimentation and rapid prototyping.


Observe first. Evaluate later

Observation without evaluating does not mean that we fully refrain ourselves from evaluating, instead it means we maintain a separation between our observations and our evaluations. This is mainly because different person may evaluate the same situation differently and the observation without evaluation keeps the original situation without adding any additional components from the person who is observing it.


Work Clean

We work clean by committing to and perfecting our systems with dexterity and ease. We understand that constantly tinkering with the systems, is a sign of fear of uncertainty. We keep our senses open to notice any missing links or pieces and work through our systems to implement and build new ones.

Meet The Team

Thupden Gurung

Thupden Gurung

Founder/Brand Strategist

Sachin Rai

Sachin Rai

Founder/Social Media Strategist

Shayzung Sherpa

Shayzung Sherpa

Co-founder/Managing Director

Hemant Adhikari

Hemant Adhikari

Founder/Creative Director

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