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What Our Clients are Saying about Us

It was a great experience collaborating with Team Redendron. They’re a group of young, hungry individuals who seek to bring excellence to the table, and its safe to say that they exceeded my expectations. I’d recommend Team Redendron to any one who wants to make their brand stand out. Their work is top notch, they’re good people, amazing thought partners and we’ve now become good friends.

Shidhant Rai


Dreamer Tribe

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Crafting Experiences that Resonate with Today's Audiences

Human-Centered Design For Disruptive Brands

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Our Clients

Brands we've helped:

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Marketing Case Studies

Max For CEO: Empowering Businesses to Re-evaluate their Foundations and Offer Transformative Guidance

A visionary entrepreneur with several multi-million dollar businesses under his belt goes out of his way to aid businesses with broken systems.

branding and advertising agency

Finova Finance: Empowering Individuals to Take Control of their Finances

An innovative finance Platform-as-a-Service enterprise on a mission to provide superior financial education and insightful guidance.

branding and advertising agency

Offbeat Sikkim: Creating an Experiential Travel Brand From Scratch

A tight-knit travel community looking to establish as the leading service provider in experiential travel in Sikkim.

branding and advertising agency

Nurturing Future-ready Children with Cats Learning Centre

Help parents of toddlers and preschoolers transition towards modern play-to-learn environments and techniques through CATS programs and fill 40 seats for the academic year of 2022

branding and advertising agency

Self Discovery in a Fast-Paced World with Dreamer Tribe

Brand Strategy and Messaging framework to establish expertise and differentiation in the personal development space.

branding and advertising agency

Crypto Gravity: Machine Learning Meets The Crypto Market

An AI-based cryptocurrency trading firm and signals provider looking to rebrand, build brand awareness and create a selling system.

branding and advertising agency

Pure Sikkim: Experience Sikkim Like Never Before

A travel agency looking to stand out amidst the hyper competitive tourism industry in Sikkim

branding and advertising agency

Breaking The Stigma with Sikkim State AIDS Control Society

Break through the online noise to spread awareness about AIDS and drug abuse and to reach those in need.

branding and advertising agency

The Dark Horse of Delivery (Dash: Delivery on Demand)

A home delivery brand looking to penetrate the competition by making their delivery safer, faster and extensive during the 2019 COVID pandemic.

branding and advertising agency

Easy Eats: Building a Food Brand From Scratch

A cloud kitchen service looking to position themselves in the market, while recreating the food experience in Sikkim.

branding and advertising agency
Marketing Case Studies

Our goal is not to create a deliverable, our goal is to change something in the real world - to create an outcome.

Marketing Case Studies

Lots of moving parts? We get it.

marketing brand strategy

You don’t have to do it all alone. We’ve helped our clients design, develop and sell the most innovative products and services, while leaving an impact.

Let’s hop on a call and design a strategic roadmap for your brand.

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